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Stress Echocardiography Specialist

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Stress echocardiography is a non-invasive way to check your heart health — and potentially save your life. At Comprehensive Internal Medicine & Cardiology Associates of Huntington in Huntington, New York, the cardiology specialists offer stress echocardiography to evaluate and diagnose heart problems. With immediate preventive care and medical treatment, you can avoid a heart attack, stroke, and other complications. Book your appointment now by calling the office or scheduling online.

Stress Echocardiography Q & A

What is stress echocardiography?

Stress echocardiography, often called a stress echo for short, is a diagnostic test to check how your heart functions when it’s working hard. Many heart health and function problems are easiest to identify when your heart’s pumping as hard as it can.

Stress echos use sound waves (ultrasound) to create 3D images of your heart in motion. A stress echo is a non-invasive and painless test, but it does require physical exertion.

How does stress echocardiography work?

For a standard echocardiogram, your technician moves a hand-held transducer over your chest while you’re resting. A stress echo gathers moving images of your heart when you’re at maximum physical exertion.

You’ll have a resting echocardiogram before starting exercise. Then, you’ll exercise on a treadmill or stationary bike until you’re physically exhausted, which usually takes 7-12 minutes.

As you exercise, the medical team monitors your heart rate, breathing, blood pressure, and general physical state. When you’re at maximum exertion, you’ll immediately have another echocardiogram.

If you can’t exercise because of health risks or physical impairment, you can still have a stress test. In that case, you receive an injection that raises your heart rate, very much like what would happen when you’re exercising.

When would I need stress echocardiography?

The Comprehensive Internal Medicine & Cardiology Associates of Huntington in Huntington team will recommend a stress echo in several situations, including:

  • During annual physical exams
  • During routine primary and preventive care
  • Diagnosing symptoms like chest pain or difficulties breathing
  • Assessing your fitness level
  • Checking the effectiveness of your heart medication

With this test, your specialists can recognize possible heart issues and existing problems so they can start treatment as soon as possible.

What are nuclear stress tests?

Nuclear stress tests are diagnostic tests that use small amounts of injected radioactive substances, called radiotracers, to produce detailed information about your heart’s function and structure.

You might need one of these tests instead of or in addition to an echocardiogram. Nuclear stress tests sometimes reveal problems that aren’t obvious in an echocardiogram.

For stress echocardiography with a leading cardiology team, call Comprehensive Internal Medicine & Cardiology Associates of Huntington now or click on the online appointment tool to schedule an appointment.